Green technologies for a self-sustaining world: a look over Brazil and Spain

Macedo Santos, R.
Pandiella-Dominique, A.
Lascurain-Sánchez, M.L.
Sanz-Casado, E.
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Em Questão
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Em Questão, Porto Alegre, v. 23, n. 2, p. 277-294, maio/ago. 2017
The paper discusses about green technologies in the scope of the innovation process, based on the analysis of the green patents requested in a global level and, more specifically, on the study of the priority patents Brazil and Spain. Green patents, defined here, as patents that have focus in green technology, that is, adaptive and mitigation technologies of the climate change, which comprehends reduction of carbon emissions and pollution, efficient increase of energy and resources and reduction of the biodiversity loss and the ecosystems. From the methodological point of view, a search strategy was formulated based on the Green Technology Manual Codes table. The established concept of the green technology by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was used to build the corpus of the 224.673 patent registers extract from Derwent World Patents Index data bases, between 2004 and 2013. The results of the analysis demonstrate the extent of the efforts mobilization, sometimes set up under the aegis of the green economy, which aims to change the traditional production model, not only as an option but as an imperative trend of the world economy.
Green economy. Sustainability. Green technologies. Innovation. Green patents
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