Ph. D. Andrés Pandiella Dominique

  • Bachelor Degree in Philosofy. National University of Distance Education.
  • D.E.A. Psychoanalytic Foundations and developments. UCM.
  • Official Master of Philosophy of Culture and Psychoanalytic Theory. UCM.
  • Specialist Research Methodology Quantitative: Statistical Techniques. CSIC-UPM.
  • Master in Research in Documentation. UC3M.
  • Thesis: Scienciometric Approach to Sleep Apnea (2006-2010). Defended in january, 2016.
  • Collaborator teacher of the Department of Psychiatry at the UAM for the subjects of History and Theory of Medicine, Bioethics and Medical Humanities, 2007-2013.
  • As a member of LEMI, participates in research projects related to university rankings.
Contact information
C/ Madrid, 128
Professional details
Normalized name: 
Pandiella-Dominique, A.
Professional position: 
7. Becario de LEMI