Ph.D. Carmen Martín Moreno

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1977), Master’s degree in Information and Documentation and Ph.D. in Documentation from the Universidad Carlos III (1999).
  • Has taught in the Faculty of Biology at the Universidad Complutense (1987-1989) and has given courses at different Spanish universities and organizations.
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Library Science and Documentation at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Is a researcher at the Juan Velásquez de Velasco Institute, researching intelligence for security and defense.
  • Has particpated in the Thematic Network program about Metric Studies of Information.
  • Director of the Official Postgraduate Program in Documentation, which includes the Master’s in Research in Documentation, and of the Doctorate Program.
  • In the year 2000, she was a visiting researcher at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the Universidad de Puerto Rico.
  • Has taught officially in the programs of all cycles, Associate’s (first cycle), Bachelor’s (second cycle) and Doctorate (third cycle), that are offered by the Department of Library Science and Documentation at the Universidad Carlos III.
  • As for non-regulated teaching, she has given several specialization courses, almost al of them related to research methodology and metric studies, in various Spanish universities. Has been a professor on the Thematic Network program about Metric Studies of Information, which was produced by centers of higher education in Spain and Latin America.
  • Member of the research group LEMI (Laboratory for Metric Studies of Information), where her personal record can be found. Her research activity combines the study of information requirements of different groups of users, the analysis of scientific production in different disciplines and scientific evaluation.
  • As for research carried out, she is the author and co-author of different scientific publications and she has attended numerous conferences.
  • She is editorial secretary of the journal Revista Iberoamericana de Usuarios de Información (FORINF@).
Contact information
Calle Madrid, 126 -28903 Getafe (Madrid) Spain
Professional details
Normalized name: 
Martín-Moreno, C.
Professional position: 
2. Profesor Titular