Teaching in former studies

LEMI members have lectured on these subjects in the Diploma program in Library and Information:Introduction to Information (first year)Core subject of 7 credits. Its objectives are:

  1. Document the nature and functions of our science.
  2. Locate documentaries knowledge in a theoretical context that binds the rest of the subjects of our career, and the latter with their social environment.
  3. Introduce students to the terminology and basic concepts of our field.
  4. Know the access systems and information retrieval, especially libraries.

More information Secondary information: Bibliography (First year) Core Subject of 6 credits. Its objectives are: Start students in the management of bibliographic sources and train them in access to information in any medium. Another aim is to provide resources to enable them to develop core products for information retrieval. More information Resource Specialist (Second year) Core subject of 7 credits. Its objectives are:
Initiate students in the different procedures for resolving hypothetical questions raised by users, as well as the problems of information and users in different fields of knowledge, the information they use and the centers that produce it. More information
User Studies (Third Year) Core subject of 7 credits. Its objectives are:

  1. Study main concepts involved in user studies and stages of historical development.
  2. Analyze the various factors influencing the needs and use of information from the different groups of users.
  3. apply appropriate statistical techniques for analyzing the characteristics of users.
  4. Analyze and apply various methods of gathering information, evaluating information resources used in libraries and documentation centers, by application of indicators.
  5. Study the profiles on habits and information needs of different users.

More information Resource Management in Libraries and Information Units (Third year) Core subject of 6 credits. Its objectives are: Understanding the basic processes and management techniques related to principal resources of a library or information unit (team, the economic and financial the collection and space and equipment) to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency. More information Information Industry (Third year) Core subject of 7 credits. Its objectives include:Meet the information needs of businesses, know the different types of documents, both internal and external, that are required in any business to function properly, determine the profiles of those responsible for managing information in business, or evaluate information resources used by businesses. More information